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Property Management

May 13, 2022 by reszelo

It’s no secret that effective holiday rental management can multiply your bookings and elevate your revenue to new heights.

It’s clear to see that good management is essential for long-term success, but what exactly does holiday rental property management involve? 

Our property management not only includes the cleaning and maintenance side of things which will ensure that your property is left impeccable and 100% operational so that each and every guest enjoys their stay, but we pride ourselves on finding the best guests for your holiday rental, advising you on a dynamic pricing strategy to produce more bookings, generate contracts if needed, inventories and maintaining your property in perfect condition to help the overall guest experience which in turn will breed repeat bookings.

Running a successful holiday rental means prioritizing guests, even before they arrive. Following a set process for every booking will ensure a consistent, reliable, pleasant experience—meaning happy guests, and good reviews for our owners.

We have what you call the IPH (Island Prime Holidays) bible and below is just a snippet of some of the points that we adhere to for each and every booking to produce that first class guest satisfaction.

  • Arrival info – Guests receive all the information they need to arrive) for example meeting and greet, area information, details such as where to park, if needed etc.
  • Check-in details – Making sure the guests know how the check-in process works and do they have all the information they need to gain keyless entry to the property?
  • Welcome letter – A welcome letter from Island Prime Holiday to give that friendly first impression and make sure they have all the information they need
  • Contact details – All the relevant contact information supplied
  • Property guide – Ensuring guests know how to use the coffee machine, open the garden doors, or lock the windows, etc
  • House rules – Making sure they are visible and understood.
  • Wi-Fi password – Is it easy to find.
  • Local guide – Good tips of things to do, eat, or see in the local area.
  • Feedback and reviews – Asking for feedback, comments, or a review on the day of/day after the guests leave.

Island Prime Holidays will include everything you need to ensure your property stays in safe, secure, clean, and welcoming condition for each and every guest. 

This means having sections for security (smart locks), guest information (arrival and check-in details) emergency numbers, fresh amenities (coffee and new sheets), working smart devices (such as AC and heat), and everything needed to ensure perfect cleanliness and maintenance (such as sanitized surfaces, working faucets, and a sparkling bathroom).